Google Maps is the most used app worldwide, Facebook Mobile follows

GlobalWebIndex has listed the top 10 apps, among all the applications that are available today on various platforms. The top 10 apps are actively used by at least 969.49 million global smartphone users.

Google Maps leads the chart with over 54 percent of the worldwide smartphone population using this app in the last month. Apple Maps is beyond the sight butNokia’s Ovi Maps has 9 per cent of smartphone usage and hold 11th position in the chart.

It may seem that Facebook Mobile app is predominantly used by smartphone users, but it has grabbed the second spot, lagging behind Google by a big margin. Facebook mobile app is used by 44 per cent of global smartphone users.

Google also has another entry in the list with YouTube at number 3. YouTube has 35 per cent users. Coming fourth is Google again with Google+ Mobile App (30 per cent).

WeChat is on number 5, followed by Twitter’s mobile App with a 22 per cent active usage at number 6.

WhatsApp is used by 17 per cent of the global smartphone population and takes the number 9 spot. At number 10 is Facebook-owned picture app Instagram.


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