Google raises bug reporting rewards to $5000

Google had recently announced that it is considering offering as much as $5000 to those people who report bugs under the Chromium and Google Web Vulnerability Reward Programs. And less than two weeks later, the company has gone on record to confirm this bit of news.

According to a report on PTI, Google has already implemented the new rewards which are as much as 5 times more than the previous ones. Basically, the search engine giant’s big bounty program encourages people across the world to detect bugs and other problems with the Chrome browser or the operating system. And those who manage to spot these are rewarded with money based on how harmful the bug is.

Google Logo

The company based in Mountain View has received 2000 security reports ever since it started the initiative about three years ago. And Google had disclosed the amount of cash that it has given out in this time period to all the people who sent those reports in, through a blog post on the official Online Security blog. The total stands at a whopping $2,000,000. Over a million is for Chromium VRP, while the rest of the money has been offered as rewards to those who detected vulnerabilities in Google Web VRP.

The Search engine will give $5000 to those who notice problems that pose a significant threat and provide a detailed analysis of the severity of these bugs. And the already-implemented bonuses, will continue to be given to those who spot errors.

And people who have found bugs can head over to the official website for more information.


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