Samsung Galaxy S5 Expected To Come With Eye Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung is expected to have come out with a new technology, the Eye Scanner, to leave Apple behind in the Smartphone war. Apple iPhone 5s became popular and reached the peak in sales. With Galaxy S5samsung is expected to bring revolution in the world of smartphones.

The decision is belived to have come to surface after the disappointed sales number of the Galaxy S4model. With Galaxy S5, samsung is expected to once again top the sales. There is however no word on how this Eye scanning technology would work but what ever it takes to build this scanner it is in the end going to provide the strongest security to the device of its’ kind.

The fingerprint scanner on Apple iPhone 5s has many ways to bypass thus giving advantage to Samsung to better pitch the Eye scanner technology to be mounted on Galaxy S5.


A South Korean news website has reported that the upcoming Galaxy S5 will have a 16MP camera with optical image stabilization


NEW DELHI: As the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note III flagship phablet nears, the tech grapevine seems to have turned their attention to the company’s other flagship smartphone Galaxy S4. Speculations have already started about the next-generation of Galaxy S4, most likely to be called Galaxy S5. A South Korean news website has reported that the upcoming Galaxy S5 will have a 16MP camera with optical image stabilization. This will be an upgrade from the 13MP camera module used in the Galaxy S4 and widely expected to also feature in the upcoming Galaxy Note III.

However, the report also says that the Galaxy Note III will not have optical image stabilization feature, contrary to popular rumours. The only Samsung phone to have this feature currently is the Galaxy S4 zoom, which is a cross between an Androidphone and a 16MP camera.

Samsung has also applied for patent of a metal-bodied design, which is rumoured to debut with the Galaxy S5. This handset is also said to have a flexible and shatterproof screen; a prototype of this screen was also showcased by the manufacturer earlier this year.

Currently, Nokia Lumia 1020, Lumia 925, Lumia 920, HTC One and LG G2 are the only phones that have optical image stabilization feature, which helps produce blur-free photos. The upcoming Sony Xperia Z1 (codenamed Honami) is also said to come with this feature.

A report by The Korea Economic Daily has said that the Galaxy Note III will be capable of recording movie-hall-quality 4K videos. Sony Xperia Z1 is also said to debut with this functionality. Both handsets are expected to be unveiled on September 4, the first day of IFA 2013 in Berlin.

Samsung to Unveil New Smartwatch ‘Galaxy Gear’ on Sept. 4, Patent Design Out

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics will unveil its new gadgetsmartwatch called Galaxy Gear at a Berlin Show on September 4, 2013.

The pictures of thesmartwatch are already circulating on the Internet, but Samsung is tight-lipped about its launch or its specifications.

The company is planning to launch its Galaxy Note 3 immediately after the show but the smartwatch is likely to be launched early next year.

The company has already submitted a patent application for the smartwatch“Galaxy Gear” in the U.S. and Korea. The Korean Intellectual Property Office application shows the Galaxy Gear more like a wristwatch with a metal frame and synthetic fiber.

Samsung had earlier in 1999 tried to float a wristwatch but the concept failed to take off and it remains to be seen whether the new one fits the digital wave or not.

Other tech companies in the race making wrist watches include, Apple with its iWatch set for release on September 10. Apple has so far employed 100 designers and product developers to make the iWatch and its application for patent is before the authorities in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the U.S.

The patent application by Samsung filed before the Korea Institute of Patent Information on May 31, 2013 with model number SM-V700 shows the basic design with the location of the power button, USB port, speaker/mic, and capacitative touchscreen with back and menu buttons.



Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs Leaked : Bigger display, Faster processor and more

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been looming on the horizon for a while now and there have been rumours that it will out-spec everything else on the market. At least until the Samsung Galaxy S5 arrives anyway.


Now those rumours have become a little more tangible as Pocket Lint has uncovered a report detailing the supposed specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


Visually it seems likely that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is going to look rather similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. In fact apparently it will have identical dimensions to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, yet the screen will see a slight size boost from 5.5 inches to 5.68 inches. Presumably that means the screen comes closer to the edge of the handset this time around. The screen in question is a Full HD Super AMOLED 1920 x1080 display.


The power under the hood is potentially more exciting, as the Galaxy Note 3 will supposedly feature a 1.8 GHz octa-core processor (though that’s likely to be market dependant). It will also have 3GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera and a 3200 mAh battery.


In terms of storage capacity the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will ship with a choice of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB built in, along with a micro SD card slot which supports cards of up to 64GB. The handset will come in 3G and 4G flavours and is also said to feature the latest version of Android, specifically Android 4.3.


Assuming these specs are for real the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 should be a tremendously powerful phone. 3GB of RAM is unprecedented on a smartphone, while octa-core processors are still very rare- though there’s a fair chance that the UK will be lumbered with a quad-core version. The screen should also be pretty impressive, as while it’s only slightly bigger than the one on the Galaxy Note 2 it’s seen a substantial bump in resolution. Based on the specs the Galaxy Note 3 is likely to be a big deal, both compared to other ‘phablets’ and smartphones in general.


Samsung look set to officially reveal the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on the 4th of September– two days before IFA 2013, so it won’t be long before we know if these specs are the real deal- and whether the UK will actually get the octa-core version on the handset.

Galaxy S4 smartphone explodes in Hong Kong, burns down owner’s house

Hong Kong-based Du was in for a rude shock when his Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone exploded, burning his house down in the process, latest reports confirm.

Chinese website reports that Du was listening to “Love Machine” on his phone when suddenly he heard a loud pop. Surprised, he threw the smartphone on his sofa, which soon caught fire. The fire then engulfed Du’s entire apartment, where he lived with this wife. The two managed to have a narrow escape, but Du lost all his belongings.

Du claims that the parts of the smartphone were genuine!

Du claims that the parts of the smartphone were genuine! (Image credit)

This isn’t the first time that we’ve come across reports of loss and damage caused due to explosions in smartphones as a result of fake parts used in phones. Du, however, claims that the parts of his Galaxy S4, including the battery chargers, were genuine.

Firefighters rushed to the spot immediately and worked to douse the flames for over 30 minutes, say reports. All furniture and appliances inside Du’s apartment have been reduced to ashes.“Upstairs unit facades and terraces blackened by smoke, metal fence also burned,” adds the report.

This also isn’t the first time that we’ve come across an instance of an explosion involving a Samsung smartphone. Just this month, 18-year-old Fanny Schlatter from Switzerland suffered third-degree burns to her thigh when her Samsung Galaxy S3 exploded in her pant pocket.

The fire caused by the explosion engulfed his entire apartment

The fire caused by the explosion engulfed his entire apartment

Schlatter, an apprentice painter, was in her office when the phone kept in her pocket exploded, forcing her to tear the piece of clothing off to prevent any further damage. By then, her right thigh had received third-degree burns. The pho