Meet Sonny Dickson, the teenager behind Apple leaks

Sonny Dickson has been found to be leaking and selling prototypes of Apple products online before they launch.

An Australian teenager has been reportedly found to be the source behindApple products’ revelations before they are officially unveiled.

Sonny Dickson from regional Victoria has been found to be leaking and selling prototypes ofApple products online months or weeks before the original ones hit the market, reports.

According to the report, Dickson has been distributing photos of leaked Apple device prototypes for a number of years and he said that he had a keen interest in uncovering upcoming features in Apple operating systems by trawling through developer code for signs engineers have left behind.

Dickson said that he doesn’t go to the US or China to develop relations with sources but goes to online forums or on Chinese social networking websites like

Meanwhile, Apple has not taken any measure to stop the teenager which is likely because he is not an Apple employee or a worker from one of its suppliers’ factories, but a person with strong contacts who seem ready to leak Apple information to him.

The report added that he admits to be possibly breaking the law by on-selling the goods but he has changed the buying and selling process so that he doesn’t actually have to touch the devices anymore, making him a middleman.

He said that he has changed his strategy in January after one of his sources told him that Apple’s global security team was about to start an investigation and added that his website’s analytics data showed that in a recent one-month period it was viewed at least 100 times by Apple staff.